About the Designer
    My focus is one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted pieces in copper, bronze, silver and gold with semi-precious stones. I used to primarily use the technique of Lost-Wax Casting, but I'm now enjoying the exploration of sheet metal fabrication and enamel.
    I started making jewelry in grade school. My first pieces were large “flower-power” pins in the 60's for my mother: cardboard dipped in gesso and painted. After spending some years painting and song-writing, I got back to jewelry-making in the 80s, casting pieces in polyester resin and selling them in a couple of Manhattan boutiques.
    “The shape is everything.” If I had to, in one sentence, sum up my approach to jewelry design, that would be it.
    Some designers start with a stone and design the setting around it. For them, the stone is the focal point, and the design is there to enhance it. In my work, stones, when I use them, are there to embellish or accent the shape, like punctuation. Gemstones have to be an organic part of the design and not look like they were stuck on as an afterthought. I prefer light to shine through the stones, and I love inclusions; they add an organic, natural imperfectness. The Japanese concept of Wabi-sabi is integral to my aesthetic. But I don't use “freeform” stones; they're usually large and oddly-shaped and the stone ends up dictating the design and shape of the piece.
    Why make one-of-a-kind pieces? Because I have a thousand different designs in my head and I want to produce as many of them as I can in my lifetime. That's why I love enameling now, besides the fact that I get to work in color; I can make something new in one weekend instead of spending months carving in wax.
    I want to appeal to the consumer who seeks out and appreciates uniqueness. Like a painting, each piece is given a title. I think of my jewelry as art, but it is definitely made to be worn. I would rather make a piece that becomes a woman's favorite and gets worn often, than make something that's kept in a case and trotted out only for special occasions.
    People who own my jewelry think of it as more than decoration. It becomes a pet, a friend, an ornamental companion. Like clouds, everyone sees something different in the shapes and as a result, they become good-luck charms, fertility symbols, amulets, talismans...