Wall Hanging #4


Born out of my desire to make both jewelry and art, this is my fourth piece of "wall jewelry." Where the previous piece was earthy but complex, I wanted this one to be simpler but bolder. I envisioned a dominant, bright red, with layers, and a gemstone.

Instead of making the yellow oval a cloison, or shape within the red enamel, I chose to make it as a separate piece. The main piece has a fabricated post and the yellow disc freely hangs on that post and is capable of swinging back and forth. The post was then capped with a half-drilled Carnelian bead. There is both positive intrusion into space, via the embedded 18-gauge wire, disc and bead, and negative space, with the cut-out slit, allowing the wall behind it to show through.

The 5-1/4 x 7-1/2-inch sculpture hangs from a clear, nylon line within an 8x10 box frame. 18- & 20-gauge copper with opaque Orient Red and transparent Nitric Blue and Gem Green enamel, Carnelian bead, and bronze wire.


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