Polish Amber #2


My older sister, Joyce, made a pilgrimage to our grandparents' ancestral village in Poland (2016), for fun and a little digging up of roots. When she asked what she could bring back for me, of course I said Amber from the Baltic. She brought me three large (approx. 14 mm diameter) Amber beads: one of a light, lemony color; one honey-colored; and one the color of cognac. At first, I experimented with using all three in a pendant, but decided the beads were too special and each deserved its own showcase.

For this, the medium-colored bead, I decided to use my favorite shades of transparent brown, green, and orange enamel. There is a fine silver wire squiggle at the top, embedded in the enamel, and the 1-1/2-in. x 2-in. pendant hangs from an 18-in. bronze, French Rope chain, with handmade, bronze, hook-and-eye clasp. The bead rotates on a bronze spindle.

Some people have requested to know more about the process; so, if you scroll down, you'll see three steps along the path to creating this series of pendants: first they were sawed out of copper sheet; then they were sanded, smoothed, hammered for texture, and fitted with the spindle and bead; and finally the shapes were enameled, after which, the bead, chain and clasp were attached.


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