New Mythologies


I started out with one of my signature shapes (4 different ones, actually) and then rolled them into a tube. I enameled the inside, then the outside, with streaks of opaque enamel underneath transparent enamel. I strung each 3-inch pendant on a long (approx. 24 inch) steel cable, or faux leather, or bronze chain. I also made a couple out of bronze, with clear lacquer and no enamel.

The last photo shows the side and back of one of them, revealing how the enamel was only applied on top, leaving the sides and back as burnt, distressed metal (an effect I'm quite fond of!). I call this line of pendants New Mythologies/New Artifacts.

Specify when ordering.
Left to right:
Bronze No. 1
Turquoise Blue
Pinkish Purple
Bronze No. 2

$40.00 each


NEW! Scroll down for New Mythologies MINIs! One-and-a-half inches tall; opaque enamel. Left to right: Blue, Yellow, White, Gray

$30.00 each

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