Multi-Strand Necklace


I had a vision for this necklace; it was busy and exuberant and slightly messy. The shapes do flip around and get a bit tangled. Originally, I wanted to enamel the same sort of bright colors and patterns on both sides so it wouldn't matter if they flipped over, but I quickly realized the shapes were too small to sit on a trivet in a kiln and would need to be torch-fired. So I discovered some transparent colors that could withstand direct flame, and that's what's on the side you can't see here, various shades of grayish-gold, blue, green, and purple (warmer colors just burn when torched).

The necklace is seven strands of natural Hemp, ranging in length from approximately 18" to 26". Everything is knotted to a sterling-silver structure hidden inside the oxidized-silver cones. The handmade clasp is also sterling.


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