3 Milagro 3

Milagro 3
wall sculpture


Milagros are typically in the shape of crosses, flaming hearts or other Catholic iconography. Thin silver- or brass-colored metal charms are nailed to a base of wood or pottery. The charms are in the shape of legs, arms, cars, leaves, or a hundred other items that one hopes to secure protection for, by hanging the Milagro on the wall.

My Milagros are in the shape of, well, my shapes; nailed to them are other enameled shapes of mine, and by hanging them on the wall, I hope to protect my own imagination. :)

Milagro 3 is approximately 6 inches by 10.25 inches, made of pine, and painted with matte black paint. All the "charms" are black-on-white opaque enamel, over 20-ga. copper, secured with both glue and tiny brass nails.


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