Le Canard
Pendant Necklace

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Le Canard didn't start out to be a duck! I still consider it to be abstract, but at some point it just started reminding me of a duck, hence the name. You, of course, are free to reinterpret it in any way you wish.

Measuring 2 x 3-3/8", it is made from both transparent and opaque enamels over 18-gauge copper and hangs from a bronze shape, which in turn hangs, by means of bronze-wire links, to a 20" necklace of tiny Hessonite Garnet beads strung on super-strong steel cable. It also features a handmade, bronze hook-and-eye clasp and two beads of Amber that serve to hide the gold-filled crimps.

It may not quack, but it certainly makes a statement!


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