Please email me to reserve an item before mailing payments such as: personal checks (item will not be shipped until check has cleared), cashier's checks, or money orders. You can use PayPal for more immediate results: send payment to Most items now have a PayPal Buy It Now button to automate the process. For items ordered directly from this website, SHIPPING IS FREE!

All jewelry sales are final and there are no warranties expressed or implied. Every effort is made to produce the sturdiest possible pieces. Anything that breaks or falls apart due to poor construction will of course be repaired, at my discretion; however, the customer is responsible for their own misuse, abuse, accidents, daily wear-and-tear, etc. If you have any questions at all, be sure to ask before buying.

A word on "quality marks": According to the Federal Trade Commission, jewelry-makers are not required to put a stamp of "sterling," "14K," etc. on an item. If you do add such a stamp, then there are specific guidelines to follow, and other countries have their own, different, guidelines. I prefer to simply let the buyer know the quantity of gold or silver in an object. After all, stamping a piece with "24K" doesn't make it true (yes, that has happened). The buyer can always have it tested if they choose.

Other things the FTC insists on are disclosures as to "treatments" applied to gemstones. All my silver is Sterling; all my gemstones and beads are genuine and not laboratory-created. It is unavoidable that certain gemstones and gem beads are treated in some way but I do not buy stones that I know are dyed, irradiated or otherwise enhanced. However, certain ones are almost always heat-treated, such as citrines, amethysts, aquamarines and others, to deepen their color. I prefer my stones as close to the natural color as possible but I know some of them have been enhanced by heat. Most stones I use have inclusions, but I like them that way. The mother-of-pearl beads I use are definitely bleached (their natural color is brownish). Any other questions, feel free to ask.

A word on ring-sizing: All rings are a size 7 unless otherwise specified. I can make any ring smaller for an additional charge of $50, but not larger.

Custom work: Feel free to contact me regarding custom assignments.