The Final Five: Quartz


I made a group of five; I called these the Final Five because, at the time, I thought these would be my last pieces of jewelry. BUT...after these, I still went on to make another pendant, and a ring, and I'm now working on a couple of bracelets! I just can't seem to stop.

These pendants are unusual for their symmetry, something I usually avoid, and for the single layer of colored enamel I put down. Often, when I'm enameling, after the first layer of color, I am so enamored of the effect of the very subtle coloration that I want to stop. So this time, I decided I would stop after one coat of color. Some colors are super pale, while others look much more intense. Such is the nature of enamel.

The pendant is 1-1/2 to 2 inches in height and the featured stone is Rutilated Quartz. It is open on the back to allow light to shine through the stone; it's sawn from one piece of copper (the prongs are not soldered on, they are part of the piece). The necklace is oxidized sterling silver.


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