The Final Five: Amber


I made a group of five; I called these the Final Five because, at the time, I thought these would be my last pieces of jewelry. BUT...after these, I still went on to make another pendant, and a ring, and I'm now working on a couple of bracelets! I just can't seem to stop.

These pendants are unusual for their symmetry, something I usually avoid, and for the single layer of colored enamel I put down. Often, when I'm enameling, after the first layer of color, I am so enamored of the effect of the very subtle coloration that I want to stop. So this time, I decided I would stop after one coat of color. Some colors are super pale, while others look much more intense. Such is the nature of enamel.

The pendant is 1-1/2 to 2 inches in height and the featured stone is Amber. It is open on the back to allow light to shine through the stone; it's sawn from one piece of copper (the prongs are not soldered on, they are part of the piece). The necklace is comprised of Amber, Carnelian, and Citrine beads strung on steel cable, with custom bronze hook-and-eye clasp.


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